Tasha Moody, Creator


Creator of The Complete Guide to Home Staging: Real Estate Agent Edition, Tasha Moody is a certified Home Staging Expert, full time home stager and owner of  Iris & Oak Interiors (www.iris-oak.com), a highly successful Home Staging and Interior Design business in the Atlanta area.  

Through her years as a regional Home Staging Certification trainer, Tasha noticed a trend - she regularly received calls from Realtors wanting to learn how to stage their own listings for sale, but not interested in the full certification process or expense.  This realization led her to create The Complete Guide to Home Staging: Real Estate Agent Edition. 



The Complete Guide to Home Staging: Real Estate Agent Edition was created specifically for agents like yourself who don't desire to operate a home staging business, but rather want to know how to guide their sellers in transforming their lived-in, comfortable home into and an eye-catchingly salable, beautifully staged listing.  This three-part guide includes a one-hour DVD training,  a paint fan of the 27 best paint colors for selling homes, and a workbook with invaluable tools to use when consulting with and guiding your clients.    

Part 1. The DVD

Guide Picture - DVD.jpg
Guide Picture - DVD.jpg
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This one-hour DVD training combines personal instruction from Iris & Oak Interiors founder Tasha Moody along with in-person staging examples and countless before and after photos teaching you everything you'll need to start conducting Home Staging Consultations in your listings.  This DVD training is divided into four sections, including the following:

1. Staging - Intro and Basics:  This section covers furniture arrangement, recognizing and addressing flow between rooms, identifying focal points and ensuring they shine, differentiating between staging and decorating, the importance of taking your potential buyer into consideration when creating your checklist, tips on deciding which recommendations will have the broadest appeal, lightening and brightening and the effect that has on a showing, and more.

2.  The Staging Appointment:  Learn everything about how to conduct the actual staging appointment, including how long it should take, how this time should be divided, ways to identify budget to aid in consolidating the checklist appropriately, tips for ensuring you come across knowledgeable in your staging expertise, the importance of spending enough time but not too much time, and where to focus attention when you start to become overwhelmed.  

3.  Upgrades and Renovations: Gain a better understanding of how to decide when structural updates should be mandatory, knowing what upgrades will be simply expected versus pleasantly surprising, examining the return on investment to determine whether a renovation is worth the investment, the importance of a vendor list and the best way to acquire one, what products to use in tile, lighting, faucets, carpets and more.

4.  Getting the Homeowner on your Team: How to deliver negative information in a positive way, simple changes in delivery that will leave your clients optimistic versus wishing they hadn't invited you in, knowing what to push for as well as when to stop pushing, actual in-person examples of staging consultations that demonstrate these techniques.

Part 2. The Workbook

Complete Guide to Home Staging Workbook
Guide Picture - Workbook Front.jpg
Complete Guide to Home Staging

This invaluable workbook will be the tool you bring into each Home Staging Consultation to visually guide your clients through the appointment.  It includes a Home Staging Checklist, a Visual Examples Packet and a series of articles you can review with your clients to ensure their house outshines the competition.  Whether you choose to photocopy from this sprial-bound notebook or order fresh copies of the Homeowner Workbook to leave with each prospective client at your listing presentations, the tools within these bound covers will be your greatest resource in encouraging clients to accomplish the necessary staging tasks to properly prepare their listing for sale.  Not to mention it's a great way to gain additional listings by showing sellers how your services truly are a notch above the others they're considering.  The Workbook includes the following three resources:


I. The Consultation Checklist

The Consultation Checklist will become your closest friend when conducting the Home Staging appointment with your clients.  This detailed, room-by-room checklist guides you through every aspect of the house that needs consideration including furniture arrangement, accessory placement, fixture updates, general structural condition, curb appeal and more.  With columns for "Excellent As-Is," "Could Use Improvement" and "Attention is Mandatory," along with a large area for notes on the right column of the checklist, your client will be sure to have no confusion on the areas they need to focus on improving, as well as how to go about doing so.  

With the detailed training information you've learned from watching the DVD in combination with this self-prompting checklist, you will have the ability to confidently flow through the Home Staging Consultation like a true staging professional.  Your homeowners will be delighted with this unexpected service that shows you truly care about their listing, with detailed feedback on how best to prepare their home so it's as appealing as possible to every potential buyer in the market.   


II. Visual Examples Packet

Because seeing is always better than just hearing, the Visual Examples portion of the workbook contains images of items you will be consistently recommending in your listings.  These pages are intended to be used as a visual aid to flip through as you discuss the staging checklist, ensuring both you and the homeowner have a clear visual understanding of the basic staging items you've recommended investing in.  Because, as we all know, you can never be too detailed when recommending items to clients. We've included images of ideal updates/purchases such as:

Faucets          Bedding          Upscale Bath Decor

Throw Pillows          Curtains           Curb Appeal Items

Lamps          Light Fixtures           Tile...and more!


III. Homeowner Documents

The documents included in this section of the workbook are intended to be reviewed in person and/or included in your listing packets to further assist your homeowners in preparing their homes for market:

1.  Staging Techniques to Sell Faster and for More Money

2.  Tips for Choosing Colors Buyers Will Love

3.  Showing Preparation Checklis

Part 3. The Paint Fan

Complete Guide to Home Staging
Complete Guide to Home Staging
Complete Guide to Home Staging

The Colors That Sell paint fan includes oversized 3 x 4 samples of our 27 favorite proven colors that help sell houses.  This gorgeous palette of Sherwin Williams colors includes a professionally selected range of fabulous neutrals you can feel confident recommending in every one of your listings.  We've taken the guess work out of sifting through the thousands of tiny samples in a regular paint fan, ensuring you can select the perfect color the first time, every time.

The Colors That Sell paint fan includes a smart variety of shades of the following earth tones to ensure you're covered with an option for each home's varied structural features:

Ivory            Beige            Gray            Greige

Blue            Green           Yellow          Chameleon Tones